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Burgundy is one of the oldest cultural centers of Europe and France. Moreover, a lot of its historical buildings are still intact. In the 14th century, Burgundy saw a period of unknown prosperity. There are castles, churches and cloisters from many periods, starting from Gallo-Roman to Roman and Gothic, Renaissance
Guédelone and 18th century.

Although the Loire-region is famous because of her castles, it’s possible to visit from ‘Au Bois Joli’ the 8 castles of the ‘Ducs of Burgundy’. PontignyIf you are a lover of history and culture, you can’t even pass over the Abby’s of Reigny, Corbigny, Pontigny and Fontenay.
In the medieval project ‘Guedelon’ you can see, and even participate in, the building of real castle, on the way they did it in the Middle Ages. Guedelon is just 30 km away from the campsite.





But also old cities, such as the eternal hill of  Vézelay (on the pilgrims’ route to Santiago de Compostella), Autun, Avallon, Nevers, la charité sur Loire and Auxerre are certainly worth a visit!


Except the old cities the surroundings of the campingsite have a number of scenic villages which are worth a visit, like Saint Fargeau with it’s castle and spectacle of ‘sound and light’, Toucy
Toucy with it’s Saturday market and Noyers sur Serein that belongs to the 150 most beautiful villages in France.

Besides for her cultural wealth, the Burgundy is also widely known for her gastronomy and wines. The Burgundians are proud of their regional products, such as Charolais beef and snails, but also mushrooms and cheese, and they are fond of using them in lovely dinners for their guests.

The environs of the campsite dispose of many guesthouses and restaurants where you can enjoy this delicasies. A visit to a wine keller or a vinyard is also possible.


Except all this culture, the region around the campsite gives many opportunities for sports and activities like walking and nordic walking, cycling, mountainbiking, climbing and aquatic sports like canoeing and fishing.

In short: there’s something for everyone!

At the campsite we’ve a big collection of maps and tours, which you can use for your trips.
klimrotsen 'Roches de Basseville bij Surgy

'Parc d'aventure'