Andryes Marsh


It is not just a Discovery Trail. It is much more. It is a space of communion with nature, of sensory immersion. All you have to do is take the time and put your senses on alert: listen to hear, look to see, smell to feel… Everywhere around you, nature to accompany you.

When you go for a stroll with a member of the team, you will also discover the rural history of this site that Sylvain has managed to highlight.

Past the village, the countryside, the waterways, you will arrive at the “mysterious and authentic” marsh. It has been developed by enthusiasts who respect nature, the environment and the relationship between man and nature! The walk could end like this. But no: before leaving this place, a small diversions to the pond is made to prolong the exchanges. It invites you to relax and enjoy.

Then another surprise awaits you before returning to the campsite: sharing a country-style buffet with local products.

Don’t forget to register at the campsite reception for the departure of this gastronomic walk of about 4 km which will take place during the high season on Fridays from 6 pm.

Adult price 10 € – child 5 €.