Ghislaine is a resident of Andryes, she has worked in several fields of activity but for more than 20 years she has devoted herself to pottery which she practices and passes on.

She has a production workshop in the village where you can discover her creations, mainly made on the electric wheel. She uses two types of clay: red clay (low temperature firing) and sandstone from the Puisaye quarries (high temperature firing).

But when we meet Ghislaine, we are carried away by her passion. After a few exchanges, we realise that she loves to share her love of creating and handling clay.

So for this 2023 season, let’s go and meet Ghislaine who opens the doors of her workshop to us.

The idea is to have fun, to discover one’s own abilities, one’s expressive and creative resources.

The method :

  • Kneading, rolling, digging, flattening and stretching the clay,
  • Refining one’s gestures,
  • Leave the choice to the different techniques,
  • Leave with your work.

But it is also a place of exchange and communication where you can meet with family or friends.

In high season:

Meet at the campsite reception to walk to Ghislaine’s workshop, the activity lasts 2 hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 am to 12 pm.

Ghislaine provides her equipment and the clay for a cost of €15 per person or €12 per person if minimum 2 people from the same family (payable in cash and cheque to Ghislaine).


In low season, activities are organised according to requests (information at the reception).

You can find some of their achievements at the campsite reception.